Kalli Bitter

Kalli Bitter outside Deputy Hall

Kalli Bitter

Eastern MN and Eastern US
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Office: (218) 755-2176 | Cell: (218) 556-2003  | Email: kalli.bitter@mommyinreallife.com

About Me

Hometown: Eagle Lake, MN

High School: Mankato East High School

Colleges/Universities Attended: Minnesota State University, Mankato (B.S. Business Marketing)

Favorite Quote: Just be yourself, everyone else is taken!

What I like about BSU: I like BSU because everyone is so friendly and so inviting, they have genuinely welcomed me here with open arms! And a plus of it all is that BSU is located right next to Lake Bemidji so there is never a shortage of fun outdoor activities to do! I enjoy hiking at the local state parks around the area and spending as much time as I can being outside.